Windshield Replacement | New Jersey

Windshield Replacement Installation

  • The wipers, moulding and cowl are carefully removed.

  • The broken windshield is completely removed.  The existing adhesive is then removed.  To make a proper installation such that there are no water leaks, the existing adhesive must be remove to ensure proper setting for the new adhesive.

  • The new windshield is primered to ensure a reliable seal.  We use premium primers here to ensure a high quality seal.

  • A Urethane adhesive is then applied to the vehicle frame.  To ensure that the a quality seal, urethane must be applied equally to all sides where the windshield will make contact with the frame.  The vehicle is safe to drive in an about half hour to one hour for most installations.  We use only premium quality urethane to ensure the highest quality seals for your vehicle.

  • The new windshield is set in place and the moulding, cowl, and wipers are reattached.  In some cases, your windshield will require a new moulding with the installation.  Our installers will inform you if your moulding will require to be changed.  It is imperative to have a moulding which properly fits your windshield.

  • Lifetime Warranty 

Your vehicle will be drivable within one hour.

Urethane Adhesive

We use safe drive away time urethane adhesive product Sika auto glass replacement (AGR) products.

Our certified technician will explain his systems and drive time when complete.

The technician will also write down and point any damage along the front the vechile before starting work on your car.  

Inspection Sticker Back on New Glass

Volkswagon Jetta 2015 auto repair platinum auto glass

Along with SDAT our tech puts your motor vechile inspection on your brand new auto glass.

Ez pass decals,oil change and parking tags transferred to glass.

We clean up all mess from old windshield before throwing it away.   

Windshield replacement New Jersey


Free mobile windshield replacement service in New Jersey   Union County, Middlesex County, Monmouth County, Somerset County , Essex County,  Passaic County.

Allow us to replace your broken windshield safely at new car dealership standard.

Safe fast drive away urethane. 


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